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Thread: Apophis - April 13, 2036, Will it extinct the Human race?

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    Apophis - April 13, 2036, Will it extinct the Human race?

    So, as many of you are aware many extinctions have occurred on earth from giant asteroids hitting the earth wiping out all life.

    Fun Facts

    What most people do not know is that itís at least 5 or 6 times in earths history, there have been been mass extinctions, not all from asteroid impacts, but there were periods where it occurred heavily.

    Known mass extinctions

    The Ordovician-Silurian extinction-occurred about 439 million years ago due to a drop in sea levels as glaciers formed followed by rising sea levels as glaciers melted.

    The Late Devonian extinction-took place somewhere around 364 million years ago, cause is unknown. Evidence suggesting that warm water marine species were the most severely affected in this extinction event, has lead many paleontologists to believe that an episode of global cooling, similar to the event which that may have resulted in the Ordovician-Silurian mass extinction, may have lead to the Devonian extinction. Thus this theory suggests that the extinction of the Devonian was triggered by another glaciation event on Gondwana, which is evidenced by glacial deposits of this age in northern Brazil.

    The End Triassic extinction- taking place roughly 199 million to 214 million years ago, was most likely caused by massive floods of lava erupting from the central Atlantic magmatic province triggering the breakup of Pangaea and the opening of the Atlantic Ocean. The volcanism may have led to deadly global warming.

    Finally, the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction-occurred about 65 million years ago and is thought to have been aggravated, if not caused, by impacts of several-mile-wide asteroid that created the Chicxulub crater now hidden on the Yucatan Peninsula and beneath the Gulf of Mexico.

    Six Mass Extinction Ė progress
    ∑ Habitat destruction including human-induced climate change. Human-induced climate change is the result in high amounts of greenhouse gas emissions (primarily carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide). Acting like a greenhouse, these gases trap heat from the sun. Other human activities such as habitat destruction in combination with climate change are making the situation only worse. Increasing temperatures may force species to move toward their preferred, and generally cooler, climate range. Thus, if those habitats have already been destroyed, then the species are not be able to escape the climate change and will go extinct.
    ∑ Invasive species. Invasive/aliens species displace native species through predation, competition, and disease organisms.
    ∑ Pollution.
    ∑ Human overpopulation.
    ∑ Over-harvesting (hunting, fishing, and gathering)

    Super Fun NOTION/INTERESTING to know

    If you interested in bible mythology, you will find it interesting that in the Christian / catholic bible they reference that ďGODĒ created the world in 7 days. Ironically science shows that during the creation of the earth there were 7 of the worst days on earth during its formation. Quite interesting that they chose that number in the bible, could be coincidence or an advanced culture may have come here in the remote past to shape our history, but we can get into that in other forum areas, check out the documentary ďAncient AliensĒ if you like really good compelling speculative evidence

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dhz3a...feature=relmfu <-- 7 worst days on Planet Earth

    Click image for larger version

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    APOPHIS This approximate 300M wide asteroid is due to pass right by the Earth April 13th, 2036, infact it will fly so close its going to pass by one of our communications satellites

    Fun Fact

    APOPHIS - The Greek form of the royal name Apepi, the last of the Hykshos kings of Egypt, which see. In Egyptian mythology, Apophis is the name of the great serpent of evil inhabiting the lower world, whose office it was to seduce the souls of the deceased into error or forgetfulness as they crossed the waters of the infernal Nile, on their way to the Kerneter or Egyptian paradise.

    To protect the souls of the justified from this terrible enemy, they were accompanied by the deity Horus, and strengthened by the goddess Nut with the water of life and heavenly food. The terrible ordeal once passed, and the soul of the deceased acquitted by the Osiris and the forty-two assessors in the Hall of the Two Truths, they afterwards assisted the benevolent Horus to fight against and conquer the serpent enemy, who was then brought captive to the throne of Ra, the Sun deity, tortured with knives, bound with ropes, and eventually slain.


    There are a lot of predictions on will it the earth. The Answer to this a hard one because there is little thing called a key hole where if a asteroid were to pass through, it would then enter earth's orbit, travel around earth for about a year, and then impact the earth and wipe out all life on earth.The gravitational keyhole for Apophis is only 660 metres (2,170 ft) in diameter.Calculations showed that if Apophis' velocity could be changed by only 0.00016 km/h, then in three years its orbit would be deflected by more than a mile, enough to miss the keyhole. The problem is that the keyhole is so small that it becomes extremely difficult to predict if it will go through it or not.

    Theyíve made a lot of movies about nuking impending doom from an asteroid and whether or not it would work. So it turns out one of the movies actually got the science right, it was "Armagedon".If they were to nuke a asteroid it would do more harm than good. Reason being is that because we donít know the composition of the asteroid we might just break in to two chunks heading for earth instead of little ones which would burn up in the atmosphere usually. There have been extensive tests on what would happen to a asteroid if we were to nuked it, also what could we do to deflect an asteroid.

    I have dropped some videos for you guys to watch below if your interested in knowing what they've done in terms of figuring out how to stop one.There are several theories on how to deflect asteroids, one using sunlight on the surface of an asteroid which would generate propulsion and deflect the asteroid from our path. Iím skeptic about this method. Iíve dropped down some cool videos explaining the various theories and actual science behind the realism of what would happen in a real scenario below.

    Apophis will most likely not hit the earth, because they have come up with a way to use the gravitational pull of another mass to pull it out of earths orbit, should it reach the key hole, which many people are unaware of.Keep in mind that we can only stop asteroids if we see them coming. If there is a asteroid was coming at us from the sun facing side, we would never see it until it was too late, because the light from that side is so intense it would make it difficult for our instruments to see or detect it in time to thwart a impact.


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    I forgot to mention. That apophis also fits the description of Nostradamus Effect interpretation to the Egyptians dooms day heiroglyphs that state something from outside our galaxy (sounds like some kind of body, Planet X maybe) will come extremely close to earth causing total destruction.

    The reference name to the body Egyptian Heiroglyphs suggest is coming was called the "Destroyer". So according to dooms day prophecies by the Egyptians Apophis could be the body that destroys all life on earth, mind you the ancient text say that it has passed earth many times before. We don't know if apophis has done that.

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