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Thread: Do Parallel Universes exist?

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    Do Parallel Universes exist?

    My theory on parallel universes or multiverses

    In order to understand this theory you need to understand what quantum entanglement/mechanics is. So I will try to explain it as simple as I can before the theory piece and show you some recent experiments that help this theory be plausible.

    Quantum Entanglement
    Consider a system of two particles. Measurements on the system effects the entire system, not just part of the system, i.e. not just one particle. Thus, for example, if you have a system of two particles which is in a quantum state for which the spins must always be in opposite states when you measure them then the spin of one particle must be measured to be the opposite of the spin of the other particle and hence the spin of the other particle is determined by the measurement of the spin of the first particle. Since the particles were not in a particluar state before the measurement then each particle acquired the particular spin upon measurement.

    Thus if two particles are seperated by a finite distance and you measure the spin of one then instantaneously the spin of the otherone is determined, i.e. the spin of the other particle falls into a particular, measureable, state. This requires the cause to travel instantaneously and thus faster than the speed of light, contrary to what one would predict from relativity. This means that one can choose a frame of reference in which one measurement occured before the other and you can also choose a frame of reference in which the opposite is true - thus causality gets all messed up.

    Even though each particle can tell what the other is doing, they do not send messages back and forth. There are no messages between the particles saying, "I'm going down, therefore, you must go up" and waiting for the particle to receive the message. Yet, the particles are always connected and can behave as one.

    Experiments below show evidence that human brains have quantum mechanics on some levels

    Watch these in order, these videos will help people who know very little about these topics in terms of putting the theory below in perspective and plausibility. These are all rudimentary experiments, but a step in the right direction, which help support my theory of parallel universes.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJBmW...feature=relmfu (this video supports the brain being quantumly entangled, which helps my theory a great deal)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9IZ3Zr-ifU (part 1)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sVlO...feature=relmfu (part 2)

    Theory of parallel universes or multiverses

    So if parallel universes exist and human brains are connected to each other on some quantum level.

    For the purpose of hypothetical theory sake were going assume that everyone is connected on some quantum level, and lets say that there are infinite number of universes where you and I exist where we made slightly different decisions and the outcomes played out slightly different.

    Weíre also going to say that you are connected to your version of yourself in other universes on some unique quantum level. So if this all true then on some subconscious level your brain could perceive alternate universes.

    Example: You ever have an experience of DejaVu, the feeling that youíve done something before or been in this place but donít recall ever actually doing it. Well the subconscious mind plays a huge part in dreams, so it could also be true that it has some connection quantumly and can some how perceive flashes of another version of you in an alternate universe while in deep sleep, people could argue that it was just a dream, but for hypothetica sake, go with me.

    You would be oblivious to the fact that its an alternate universe because in a dream like state you wouldnít notice the subtle differences, and even if you did you would assume itís a dream and dismiss the differences. The reason why you felt dejavu could be because, you actually did do that exact instance but in an alternate universe very similar to our own, only the series of events had not run its course in this universe yet, thus appearing as the future to some people, which leads into my second example.

    Example: Psychics all have a common theme when predicting the future of people. Let's again for hypothetical theory sake say that psychics exist, however not in the conventional way everyone knows them in.

    Suppose the above theory is again applied. Its also plausible then, for some people to be attuned to what most people perceive subconsciously in an alert and awake state.

    However, what they are actually perceiving could be alternate universes where outcomes slightly played out differently, which is why all psychics say the future is not written in stone, because for them they keep seeing alternate universes where outcomes have slightly alerted, to them itís the future, people arenít considering the possibility of parallel universes so if you have no technical reference to use other than the word "future", which is the only thing that would make sense to you.

    A perfect example of this would be the famous nostradamus. In the 1500's he described future predictions some of which came true and some of which didnt. There are even descriptions of how he would receive these visions. Which describe a quantum mirror of some kind. This would suggest that he misinterpreted the future for a parallel reality very similar to our own. In which events played out very similar to our own reality, however not exactly. In the 1500's nostradamus would of been unware that time is not linear meaning he could only understand it as (past, present and future).

    Thus my stance is that parallel universes or multiverses do exist and math already says that its there, we just have no physical evidence to proove the math. If any of you need to see the math, because I know some of you do. Here is some math that shows the existence in great detail from MiT.


    Besides for all you know I might have got this theory from an alternate version of myself, while I was dreaming

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7E6s...eature=related (This video helps support my theory regarding about the brain quantumly entangled) I added to the post above also. ITS AWESOME

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    So they did an experiment that suggests brains can be linked which means that you could be linked to your versions of yourself in alternate universes due to quantum entaglement, thus further helping my theory

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dROtW...eature=related (this experiment is pretty ground breaking)

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    Terribly sorry that the links were taken down by youtube. The theory is still sound

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