Link between Mars and Earth

The pyramids of Gyza is an interesting set of pyramids that appears to show a time line which suggest the end of the world. Inside the pyramid, its timeline for September 2001 was on depicted. How was it depicted? simple, they needed to find a origin point for the time line since there was no reference inside the pyramid or so they thought. So the light of the North star shines it light directly into the chamber perfectly occasionally. The last time it did that was 2141 bc, so we can guess that this was probably meant to be the starting point, and the time line coincided with Nostradamus’s predicted times.

If you use that point of origin and use the pyramid inch; which is basically the same inch as our modern day inch, along the timeline, it shows key points in our history and future which have occurred. Another interesting fact about the pyramid in its original construction it was cased with casing stone made out of high grade limestone which was polished. When the sun shines down on this you would be able to see this from space at the moon as if it was star. Another interesting fact was that the casing was later removed along with the apex of the pyramid.

This is extremely interesting because they found identical pyramids configurations on Mars with identical measurements back in 1991. (You can find that information at this presentation provided to the United Nations back in 1992

If you look at the Dimensions of the structures found on Mars they bare a striking resemblance to the structures found in Egypt, not to mention they structures are finite dimensions, it doesn’t matter if aliens did it.

The Primary thing to take from this is it does prove this is not naturally occurring.

The two point below show a very strong links to Mars.

Pyramids on Mars Dimensions
·Cydonia Lattitude 40.9
(E prime is a tetrahedral) E prime/p = 0.866
·The Structures on Mars are estimated to be half a billion years old.
·The layout Cydonia matches the alignment with star belt orion
·Tetrahedral Mathmatics on structures have perfect angles of 19.5 degress

Pyramind of Gyza Dimensions on Earth
·Located about 30 degrees north Lattitude
Cosign of 30 degrees north is 40.867668 which appears to be the Equiv to E prime/p = 0.866
·Geologist have confirmed that the Sphinx is at least 10,000 or more years older (this means the Egyptians did not build it, merely moved into the neighbourhood, or they lived among the race that actually built it, however it was not them.
·Pyramids of Gyza also are in exact alignment with the stars belt orion

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Cydonia Layout

Now if we overlay Silbury/Avebury (Exact Duplicate, object for object, angle for angle)

Pyramids of Mayian
·Pyramid of the Moon steps have a perfect angle of 19.5 degrees (tretrahedraon angles)
·Pyramid of the sun 4th level is 19.69 degrees which just so also happens to be the structures latitude on earth
·The long avenue to the pyramids is offset by 15.4919338 degrees multiply pie and you get 48.6693441 divide that by pie and you get 15.49193333 which just so happens to also the radius of stone henge. (I personally find this to be lame point, however I put it in because I found it interesting far fetched coincidence, only a fool dismisses facts no matter how far apart the evidence might be to conclusion)

Please keep in mind. I am not saying by any means this is proof. However, only a complete idiot would dismiss these findings as being a coincidence. If you look at the fact that we haven't even found another planet that supports life like earth, for us to find stuctures that bare resemblance to ones on earth by our neighboring planet, should be mind blowing to anyone that has any level of intelligence.

Thinking outside the box

Lets say for the moment that there was a intelligent species on mars in the remote past and Earth was uninhabitable. If the structures on mars are half a billion years old, then its logical to assume that whom ever built them had to been very advanced. If you noticed that Mars is farther from the Sun than earth, so it would be a lot colder.

If you take the ridiculous notion that there is an all powerful god that created earth and replace with a logical need for someone. Example, you ever wonder why earth is exactly the right distance from the sun, and our moon just happens to be in perfect orbit to keep our planet from spinning off into the sun or out further into space.

The only logical conclusions that you could surmise are two, and neither involve a god.

1. it happened on its own naturally or
2. another intelligent species with advanced level of technology that could teraform planets created it, because they wanted a planet with better climate.

They find a rock at the right distance and begin tera forming, and the process could take millions of year who knows. To me this seems more likely. Now that you can teraform, why stop at earth, travel the universe and colonize the universe. This is certainly 100x more plausible than GOD DID IT ALL.