SuperNova Ė Beetleguese

This star is approximately 640 light years from earth, and will be the closest supernova in earthís history. It its nearing its end of life according to our satellite estimates. It will appear for as we have two suns when this star explodes for approximately 7 to 8 months after the fact, as it will take 640 light years to reach earth, it will be so spectacular that you will be able even view during the day. It will probably be the most awesome thing any human on earth has seen in centuries.

Beetleguese axisís is 20 degrees facing off of earth, so when it goes supernova the gamma burst should just miss us, fortunately for us. If this starís axis was just 20 degrees closer, it would of killed everything on the surface of earth, basically a ticking time bomb that could go off any day, worst part is there is nothing we or anyone could do to stop it if this were the case.

The second question, would I can not say with certainty this information is accurate. Primarily because I didnít derive the data myself, if people were to know that there is ticking time bomb of star that could kill everyone, there would be wide spread panic, so they would most likely lie and keep it quiet, just a thought Iím throwing out there for the ďout the box thinkerĒ

When a star goes supernova it emits massive amount Neutrinos, now we are bombarded invisible neutrino particles everyday, which makes it difficult to detect, however due to the proxcimity of the star a team of scientist in Japan have setup a neutrino detecting device, which will detect an increase of neutrino emissions. Since we know that star going supernova will generate a massive neutrino wave, the wave of neutrino will hit earth, and the we should be able to point hubble directly at beetleguese to collect our data.

This will be a unique opportunity for us to investigate, as it will allow us to study just how stars supernova can impact our atmosphere at such close range. I would expect lot of issues in power grid, as look what a simple solar flare from our current sun does to us, imagine what a supernova energy output will do. The extraordinary thing is that we are now able to reasonable speculate that life was extinguished on earth from a previous supernova in the remote past. As we have found evidence to support this hypothesis. The reason is we found an extinction level event occur on earth that appeared occur only on the surface of the earth, however not in the ocean, this suggest that a supernova gamma burst could of killed everything surface.

The extremely cool thing about knowing this is that would suggest there was another star in our solar system or relatively close that was powering planetoids, which in essence could of help support life on close by planets, it went supernova, killed everything in the vicinity and the cycle started all over again.
I still find it difficult to swallow that earth is the exact distance from the moon and sun, when mars clearly supported life in the past, which leads me to believe, that its very likely someone terra formed earth with technology, because thatís what we want to achieve in our travels through space eventually, so if we would want to colonize other worlds, why wouldnít someone else think of it before us.

Earth could have been the test run, and since the universe is huge, then been travelling around. Again this is just my theory, as it makes more sense than itís a complete fluke, after a planet use to have life in our solar system, and we have found structures on mars to support there was life, all that information has been released now to the public.

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