The third Reich

So here are some interesting facts that a lot of people do not know about World War II, because they are only taught what they teach you in school, which is slightly propagandas. Yes the Americans won the world war, however according to facts and evidence, the Americans should not have been able to win.

According to history records. Germany was decades ahead of weapons technology at the time than anyone on earth. They invented rockets and missiles (V1 & V52). German scientist was the envy of the world. They came up with theories that no one at the time could have thought of on their own. Someone would have had to have access to some knowledge to draw from to build these kinds of technologies.

Some really interesting facts you
·1993 in a book called Secret societies and their power in the 20th century, author Jan van Helsing wrote about a craft that crashed in Germany 3 years before Hitler’s reign to dominate the world.
·Investigators examined the crash and found a disk shaped craft and supposedly ET’s inside the craft.
·Hours after the crash, Hitler’s troop salvaged the craft and crew and began their experiments
·They began reverse engineering the technology from that craft which spawned their technological advantage. There were numerous reports of Germany scientist doing crazy experiments, such as anti-gravity
·Viktor Schauberger, was a German scientist that was one of the lead scientists that was working on creating propulsion system that could allow a craft to levitate like the alleged disk shaped ET.
·Also shortly after this craft had crashed in Germany, Hitler had the Sanskrit texts translated in German sent out German expedition to search for the arch of the covenant and other ancient relics like the holy grail, that were mythical legend or foke lore at the time
·Germany also eventually successfully created a flying saucer called the Haunebu(Why would you try and create something like that back in the 1900’s during a war? It wouldn’t make sense, unless you actually saw something that had technology that could do this)
Let’s look at the swastika symbol that Halter used. It’s funny how someone would come up with such a symbol and make it their prominent symbol to direct their reign
·Another cool fact is that Einstein was one of the scientist that defected to the United States during the world war, this was before he came up with his theory of relativity. Isn't it interesting to see that he shortly there after came up with the theory of relativity, just so happened he was also there during the time Germans were supposedly reverse engineering alien technology.

More interesting fun facts

·The swastika symbol was originally found in ancient India according to modern society, however this is actually incorrect. That symbol was found all over the world in multiple cultures, how is that possible? If those cultures didn’t even exist in the same time frames or same locations on earth with no way to travel to one another.
·It’s found in Egypt, Iran, Samarians, Mayans, and even the Greeks. The ancient civilizations suggest that it was “God” that used this symbol, so if you replace the word “God” with ET, now it makes sense why there would be multiple cases in so many different cultures. It now also fits with the story as to why Hitler would decide to use that symbol; an educated guess would be it was on the craft they collected.
·It’s a known fact that halter was obsessed with ancient mythology and surrounded himself with people who believed about ET life.
·Also you the Americans were not the ones who invented the atomic bomb, it was the Germans, the only reason why we won the war, was because the scientist who were working on the project in Germany defected once they realized what they were building. In turn the American gained the scientist and developed the technology anyway, which was later used on Japan.
·If the scientist did not defect the world today would be very different.

Hitler started this society called the vril society which believed in an energy source that could be transformed into many different things that could power machines. Ironically he got the idea from the Sanskrit texts. The vril society basis was based on the belief that aliens had come to earth in the remote past and reigned among us. It was also believed that there was a pure race of Ayrians, which were descendants of the Ayrian race, and that it was meant to be for them to master race on earth. Knowing this you start to understand why Hitler went on his reign to rid the earth of impure humans, because it seems like he believed since they were given this craft and knowledge they were the ones to carry out his reign.

Why halter set out to seek the arch of the covenant

·According to ancient texts it was said that through the arch you could talk to god(this sounds like a communications device to speak to someone in orbit)
·Also the descriptions of people who opened the arch of the convanent, it describes people getting boils, their teeth falling out, along with their hair and eventually dying. (Wrath of god) – If you use technical reference of today. This sounds like radiation poison. If the arch had a nuclear power source and the arch was merely a shield for protection it would all makes sense now why hilter would start a search for such a device, if you take the premise that it wasn’t from god, but in fact an alien piece of technology.
·Since no one on earth believes it is, then it makes his job pretty damn easy.

This is just a draft up above. I will finish it later.