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Thread: Conspiracy Theories

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    Conspiracy Theories

    My favorite topic

    People who think conspiracies do not exist are just stupid. There so much evidence of it around, whether you choose to ignore the evidence or acknowledge it is your choice.

    Look at the game chess, about strategy.

    So if you look at the United States presidency you will notice that its all white males, and over the last decade its primarily been the Clinton Family and the Bush Family in office.

    If you had a secret say aliens help influence our past, and your current infrastructure ie (THE CHURCH) is based on a lie, then divulging such information to the masses would probably create mass panic, hysteria, and chaos.

    So, eventually everyone is going to find out. What do you do to prepare a large group of people that have the educational level on average less than a highschool diploma.

    Its referred to as the Shock and Awe method. So what did the united states do, they start by shocking the public by giving them a black president. The group adjust to the idea after time, then you shock them again, bankrupt the banks and cause recession, let them readjust.

    Now your group is broken and ready for programming. So you start by feeding them educational shows that suggest that ancient civilizations were not completely created by man, however its now plausible based on "new" evidence that aliens may have visited us in the past and helped us become who are. There are a lot of TV shows on this being aired, this is subtle programming of the masses to prepare them for the day they come out and say so these aliens are now at our door step.

    Mayan Calender on Dec 21, 2012 does not say the world ends. It translates "The gods will return".

    I know its total conspiratory stuff right?.., however thats what makes it exciting and it will be that much more rewarding when I'm proven correct as I'm rarely ever wrong

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    I got the order wrong. It was recession, then black president. Now in most recent 2012 elections. Obama's administration removed the word "god" from their platform. Still doubt me? It was all over the news. John stewart response was...does god pay your taxes or go to work for you, who cares. Colbert response to it was it was not right to do that. Clearly he still believes in "GOD"

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