So, one of my favorite topics is the “discovery of the Jesus tomb.” This discovery has been met with heavy skeptisim and disbelief because it destroys the very fabric of the Christian religion.

Now, I am not a religious man by any means. I simply look at the facts and make my own interpretation. I would like to use the famous fictional character Sherlock holmes philosophy. If you have eliminated all other possibilities whatever remains, however improbable is mostly likey the truth, however impossible it may appear.
So in the discovery they found the following oshuwaries aka coffin’s if you will. This discovery is the only 1st century tomb ever found with undisputed Christianity, out over three thousand 4th century ones.

The cross IS NOT the symbol which scholars say is a undisputed Christianity symbol, its a whale eating Joahna and sometimes with a cross. Now in the First century Jesus would not of had a large number of coffins inscribed with Christianity all over since the he was the new guy in town back then.

Yes they did find Jesus’s bones in the coffins, along with his sons completely intact with six coffins inscribed with who layed in the coffins. Listed below

·Matthew ß This is a hater video on the discovery, but its good one to watch because they burned themselves by making this video. So this video trys to discredit the discovery by saying that those name inscribed were very common names in the first century.

That is actually true. Here’s the wonderful piece these morons forgot to mention. The combination these names are inscribed in is not common. Ie(Jesus son of Joesph, Judah son of Jesus, etc.) That was actually pretty rare, not to mention to find a tomb which all six players from the bible in the same place and to say its probably someone else.

I don’t know about most people, lets add perspective. Lotto 649 has 7 numbers there are six names up there from a first century. We will make the symbols of Christianity the 7th name for now. To get a 7 digit combination like the 649 we all know is SUPER HARD, you might get 2 or 3 maybe 4 and really lucky 5.

To get all 7 is like winning the lotto, odds are slim, especially with undisputed Christianity symbols, keep in mind they’ve never found a 1st century artifact that depicted undisputed Christianity out of over 3000 currently found, which are all 4th century.

It’s the mathematics thats hard to dismiss. When you have a probability of one in over 2.5 million, and there were only 80,000 males alive at that time and place, that’s pretty strong evidence. Not conclusive, of course. Statistics are relevant only to populations, not to individuals, so there is always a possibility this is an incredible coincidence, HOWEVER VERY SLIM!

They found the tomb in 1980 and then boxed and thought nothing of it, because they didn’t have the technology to even figure out back then. Today we are slightly more sophiscated in being able to take extremely accurate educated guess on who a person was or is.

Ironic that they can find a 1 million year old human skeleton and tell you in detail what that person looked like, what they ate, probably how they died. They failed to mention any details regarding the bones during discrediting video. That was their only lousy defense “they are common names from that era, are you kidding me!?

If I was going to discredit someone, they have the bones, it’s a safe and easy bet to use that, however they did not. Jesus was crucified, so they nailed his wrists, that would of been the easiest way to attempt to discredit the find, however they didn't go that route, which probably means that they didn’t want to risk it being definitively him, so they leave that part out, they didn’t want have the Christian religion come crashing down and millions of people loose their faith over night, some might say this would cause chaos, I would agree.

Hypothetical Scenerio –Out of the box thinking
Let’s pretend for a minute that you were living in that time period and you said you were the son of a god. Why might someone say that? Its was a great way to get people to believe in themselves so they would rise up and an oppose their slavery, something to believe in.

Now you like any man in any civilization, as he gets older, he going to want to carry on the family name, so you'd have a son. You have lots of enemies because you’re now a rebel leader. Your son would be in constant danger of his life because of you. Would you now tell anyone you had son? Only someone who had no common sense, would let that be known being such a target. Jesus didn’t seem like a dumb guy to me, probably a very smart man.

Today all leaders of the world have secret service or something to that effect protecting their loved ones, why because they are targets. Now that I have that mental picture in your head.

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Leonardo Davinci's Painting of the Last Supper.

Let’s look at the bible hidden message specifically the last supper.

The very feminine figure of the "Beloved Disciple" has her hands folded in the classic position of the "prayer of the heart" (fingers crossed in little X's)-- the original hand position for the idiomatic expression, "I'll cross my fingers for you." This hand position is very familiar in artworks depicting Mary Magdalene, at least this is what Leonardo thought, my theory based on the evidence makes more sense.

12 disciples according to the bible, or was there was another a thirtheenth disciple refered to as “the beloved disciple” he is only mentioned only three times in the bible. First instance was the last supper where he sat next to Jesus. I know if I had a son and it was my last meal he would be sitting next to me, and I’d make damn sure none of my enemies knew I had a son. Especially since the Romans would of killed the father and son as he would been the air to the throne. - For the non believers and uninformed J

So who ever wrote the bible as a favor to the man Jesus, left his son out of the bible in great details, however subtley mentioned, makes sense to me. So now if you look at the discovery of the people who found the Jesus tomb, and factor in Jesus could have had a son, just the bible hid is identity for the sons protection it makes the finding far more plausible now.
Another reason they left out his son, because it would help break down the foundation that Jesus was the son of a god, and it wouldn’t fit the ideal they were trying to create, the belief in "god".

Please remember that during that time and era those people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a god and a vistor from another world. If you or I should show up in the past today in an airplane, they would think we were sent from god. However, I will break the whole god thing down in another discussion, just MIND BLASTING..hahah

Not to mention this discovery reinforces the fact that the romans would of buried Jesus with a non family member to further humiliate him and discredit his followers. Joesph of arimathea would have been that person, and they found Jesus tomb just few meters away from josephs tomb.

Still have doubt, hope you do….? You should watch the actual discovery of the beloved disciple which was discovered shortly after they found Jesus. However, please don’t take my word over it, the best way to understand the whole ordeal is to watch the discovery of the beloved disciple and extrapolate your own interpretation.

Incase you havent figured out what im saying is. The evidence suggests that the bible was embellished a great deal and the bible could be a sham, those are the words of someone else indicated in the videos below, not mine .

Lastly, NO ONE wants to find out that they've believed in a sham their whole life, it would be a difficult pill to swallow for anyone, especially bible thumpers. Which is why this discovery, people are going to try to discredit it, as it could potentially destroy their way of life and beliefs.

There was a recent poll was done at elementry schools to see how many kids are still practicing religion from parents passing this knowledge down to them. The statistics showed that 1 in 4 kids is religious today. That means odds are the 1 that is odd out will probably surcome to peer pressure and renounce religion because of his classmates making fun of him for being the odd one out.

This means that in the next 50 to 100 years religion will be completely eliminated. The only religion that might make that far will be muslim, because of the anti-christ movement in the middle east.

I look forward to the day religion is extinct, that will be the day man stops fighting with himself and attempts to help humanity as one whole. (The Archieologist who found the tombs) (more info) (Joesph of arimathea discovery) (THIS IS THE BEST)