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Thread: Ancient Aliens: Aliens and Dinosaurs

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    Ancient Aliens: Aliens and Dinosaurs

    Will have more information once it airs

    Episode Info
    Angkor Wat, Cambodia, is the world’s largest ancient religious temple. Within its megalithic ruins, researches have discovered a depiction of a species of dinosaur – a stegosaurus. But how could the ancients have had knowledge of animals that mainstream science says died out billions of years ago? Why are dinosaurs extinct? Did an alien race of beings kill off the dinosaurs to make room for humankind?

    Episode number: 4x10
    Airdate: Friday May 04th, 2012

    Director: (Unknown)
    Writer: (Unknown)

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    So this episode aired a couple days late, however it was an interesting one to watch. It has been believed by main stream science that dinosaurs were wiped out by an 8 mile wide asteroid, which killed 50% of the dinosaur population and then other 50% died out by drastic global climate changes, ie. No sun, no food, and time.

    I have always found this theory a bit difficult to swallow. Yes it would of killed a lot of dinosaurs, but it couldn’t of extinct them all at once, it still would of taken millions of years to wipe them out. You got to remember that dinosaurs rained on earth for 65 million years that we know of.

    That’s a long time to populate on a large scale. I mean just look our civilization even after just 2 million years, and I’m stretching it far by giving man 2 million years of existence. According to main stream science we haven’t been around for more than 200,000 years, so the dinosaur population “should” have been more massive than our own 7 billion.

    One thing that doesn’t fit the puzzle and is always dismissed, why? I have no idea.

    However, you’re telling me in 65 million years, other asteroids didn’t impact the earth that could of caused mass devastation, and with the our current level of knowledge of how often earth is hit by NEO’s that theory doesn’t seem to fit. Earth is bombarded all the time, 65 million years means it almost a certainty they would have had a few big asteroids nail them that could of harmed the population, back then the earth was hit a lot more than it is now.

    FUN FACTS most people do not know

    Everyone assumes that measuring radioactive decay and carbon dating is going to be relatively accurate correct? WRONG! Experiments have recently been done that show radioactive decay isn’t a constant, and that the decay rate changes depending on how close the earth is to the sun, keep in mind that its not necessarily neutrinos that are causing it.

    It could be a particle that we do not know about yet, however the fact is that it’s happening, and we no one is sure why. The only thing we’re sure of is that when earth is closer to the sun the decay rate increases, which is very bad.

    This is very HUGE, because we use radioactive isotopes in the medical field which we believe to have a consistent decay rate if that rate is incorrect then we would potentially be overdosing patients. This similar with carbon dating, we assume that the carbon 14 is always a constant. This may not have been true, because carbon 14 is created by cosmic ray interaction in the atmosphere.

    If these interactions were different in the past, then carbon 14 would not have been the same in the past and carbon dating would be very inaccurate. This documentary actually explains that piece quite well, I will add another documentary which talks about the radioactive decay experiment for anyone interested in knowing more details.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiTgLso_6N4 (Experiment showing the crazy new discovery)
    http://www.dinosaurc14ages.com/decay.htm (More info on the subject, excellent read)


    As we know to date high levels of radiation is not created by asteroid impacts, there is only way to create that kind of high activity in living organisms and that’s Nuclear fallout, which is funny because they have found areas of India that was bombarded by radioactive fallout thousands of years ago.

    Why that is significant is it suggests that nuclear power was present thousands of years ago and could of caused the radioactivity we see in the bones and it might not have been through fossilization, since we’ve never fossilized anything, we don’t know if radioactivity is created from the process. I’m leaning towards anything naturally created over time from the earth is not going to be radioactive, but that just me, don’t know enough about fossilization to determine that.

    More Fun facts

    This statement was written in the Mahabharata which is the holy grail of the Indian culture past and the things they supposedly witnessed.

    ““Samva actually brought forth an iron bolt through which all the individuals in the race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas became consumed into ashes.”

    This description that was written in their holy grail of knowledge “could” be interpreted as a nuclear weapon that went off in the remote past. You must remember that people from that era, especially east Indians were eager to believe in a god.

    They had no technical reference to describe the things they saw, other than saying that god got mad, and then threw a bolt of lightning, then everyone turned to ashes. If you were an east Indian person back then, you would believe without question that was god, because you wouldn’t of known any better.

    Carrying ON

    Main stream science is still trying to figure this out, because they don’t want to believe that vistors from another world may of reined on earth posing as gods at some point in our past. They got fed up and decided to blow everyone up, or maybe there were multiple gods on multiple continents they had a feud. Similar to our own governing countries today, and they took it too far, the people became collateral damage.

    So here’s the cool thing, how do you explain that various dinosaur exhibits paint their bones with lead paint? The reason why is because the bones are radioactive. Now through fossilization they say carbon 14 becomes present, however in a very small amount, but these people are picking higher concentrations of radioactivity.

    http://scienceblogs.com/gregladen/20...nd_new_spe.php (showing this finding)

    They also found in various ancient cultures inconclusive evidence that humans lived with dinosaurs, some of which was a human foot print alongside a dinosaur one preserved with fossilization, that pretty crazy evidence to dismiss, but people will find a way to dismiss the obvious, you can make your own decisions, I know I made mine long ago.

    The mayians and the incans have numerous artifacts which depict them living with dinosaurs, this would be millions of years after they were supposedly extinct, again people trying to say they aren’t authentic. But if you look at the amount of stones, and do the math it pretty clear that someone would have had to go through a great deal of trouble to make fake ones, it’s actually outlined in the documentary quite well


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BFnwolN-ZY (Ancient Aliens S4E10)

    Full episode watch it, its honestly a great watch. I don’t agree with everything in this documentary but they are definitely on the right track in my opinion, they also show some pretty good evidence to suggest that man did live with dinosaurs much after we thought them to be extinct

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