In regards to Mario Reading decipher of Nostradamus’s prediction of when a massive meteor will hit the earth. I have researched this and believe he may have got the date wrong. If you read my theory on parallel universe.

Nostradamus was more likely viewing alternate realities in an alert state and would of missed the small difference between this reality and one very similar to our own. Since time is not linear and each universe runs at different time scales, he would of thought he was seeing the future..when in fact he was simply perceiving an alternate universe that ran parallel to our own with a time scale that was slightly different than ours. Nostradamus in the 1500's wouldn't have any concept of parallel universes and he would easily mistaken what he saw as the future to come.

A perfect example of this is Mario Reading deciphered one of his predictions stating he believes Hillary is going to win the election. He got it wrong, and the reason why he did is because the quatrains Nostradamus wrote were of a parallel reality where the time scale was different from this universe.

Mario Reading has predicted the following quatrain will occur in 2069. He didn’t account for the difference in time scale. I will break down my alternate time scale and why I believe he could be incorrect.

La grand montagne ronde de sept estades,
Apres paix, guerre, faim, inondation,
Roulera loing, abysmant grand contrades,
Mesmes antigues, & grand fondation.
The great mountain encompasses seven stadia
After peace, war, famine, flooding
Shall spread far, sinking many countries
Even the ancient landscapes to their foundations.

Seven stadia equals 4247 feet, however, “seven” here simply means great many stadia or great many feet wide. Anyway, a comet with a great circumference of several miles will fall into the earth. The words “spread “ and “sink “ indicates that this comet will land in the sea, Mediterranean or Atlantic, wiping out many coastal areas and many nations. And you see later in one quatrain which indicates that Greece shall cease to exist due to great flood. The ancient landscapes might be Egyptian pyramids. The chronological order was actually written in reverse. First will be flooding, famine, then war, peace, and finally comet or asteroid striking the earth. After WW III ends around 2026 AD, an asteroid or comet shall arrive colliding with the earth.

Now it’s safe to say there is no way someone from the 1500’s could of known what an asteroid was or would be able describe an asteroid impact. Yet here it is. My theory on parallel universe explains how this might be possible.

Here is the part Mario missed.

According to Mario he believes the meteor hits in 2069, but this is the time line in other universe nostradamus viewed, and mistook it for the future events of our universe. It could happen much sooner here or much later. Nostradamus gave us a clue. The name of the asteroid which again he couldn’t of known this as the knowledge of this at that time would be impossible.

The Clue of which asteroid will impact in the other timeline very similar to ours is:

Le diuin verbe Sera du ciel frappe
Qui ne pourra proceder plus auant
Du reSerant le Secret eStoupe
Qu'on marchera par deSSus et deuant

The divine word will be struck from the sky,
One who cannot proceed any further:
The secret closed up with the revelation,
Such that they will march over and ahead.

The reference "du ciel frappe" - From it emerges Lucifer-Apep (ucielfr appe) as an adjacent set of anagrams that directs our attention to the celestial body Apophis in its manifestations as asteroids, meteorites or comets and as fire from the sky.

Apep, Aapep, Apepi(Egyptian) or Apophis(Coptic Greek) was an evil god in Egyptian mythology ,the deification of darkness and chaos and thus the opponent of light and order/truth, whose existence was believed in from the 8th dynasty onwards.

Now the name that seems to pop out is Apophis. Now if you go look at NASA data on current asteroids that are of particular interest that could cause extinction level devastation on earth. /asteroid-impact-earth-nasa-apophis

There the estimated time for Apophis to reach earth is 2029 and again in 2036. Given the translation its much sooner than 2069 as Mario Reading predicts.

Think about it... all of a sudden several private organizations including NASA are trying to get Mars colonized when we haven’t even put people on the moon in 50 years. Elon musk said he wants to put 1 million people on mars by 2030 or something to that affect.

If you knew there was a meteor coming for earth soon. You wouldn’t tell the public. You would be preparing to save the human race. Colonize mars, let earth die and come back and rebuild better than before.